Dear Family and Friends,

Many things are best understood in the experience of that thing.  Most of us know that God heals.  He is our Great Physician – our Jehovah Rapha.  But do we really know that until we have experienced it?  Alas, many have had the opportunity, only to give doctors and medicine the credit.

Did my doctor do great work?  Yes, he did.  But he did not heal me.  There is only one Healer.

I have learned, and posted, many lessons while riding… a bicycle.  I intend to post some more.  Today, I just want to share that I have learned – no experienced – that God heals.  Now, just to be clear:  I have experienced this before.  I am 54, after all.  But, you know what, experiencing God’s healing power – to know God heals – is an experience that is truly worth the pain, no matter how many times you experience it.

So, let me share with you that I am back to riding the distances and hills that I was riding before I broke my hip – less than six months ago.  I was told that it might take 12 months to get back to my pre-accident capability.  I am not all the way there, but God has me way ahead of schedule.

I thank you all for your prayers and loving care.  Most of all, I thank our Great Physician for this wonderful adventure.

Your servant and His forever,