Those that desire to finish well in the professional cycling world talk about “leaving it all out on the road”. Their desire is to have nothing left in the tank when they cross the finish line. This means pushing hard at the end; even pushing beyond reasonable limits.

The same is true for those of us that cycle for exercise. If I am going to take the time, I want to get everything I can out of it. When I finish riding, I don’t want to feel like I can ride some more.

I am blessed in this regard by the geographic location of my house (up the hill from Dog River in South Douglas County). Most of my rides end with a difficult climb and a 1.5 mile rolling finish. At the top of the climb (from either direction on Banks Mill Road), I always feel like I have squeezed every bit of energy out of my body.

However, I have learned that my body is most often holding something back. This is actually a scientifically proven phenomenon – our bodies trying to protect themselves. Fortunately, my mind knows something my body doesn’t; and I have the willpower to push my body beyond its comfort limits. Most rides, I am able to do a full out sprint for the last 1.5 miles. The result: A satisfied feeling of well done, better health, and a deeper understanding of what my body is truly capable of accomplishing.

It recently occurred to me that this cycling lesson is a great analogy for those in kingdom of God that desire to finish well. Like the energy my body consumes before a ride, the Lord has invested much into our being His ambassadors in the Marketplace. His assignments are like the rides I take a couple of times every week.

With each assignment, our souls have a choice to make: Will we finish our assignment well, leaving all we have been given out on the road, or will we let our natural tendencies to hold back, rob us of the “well done”? If we choose to push beyond our comfort limits, not only will we finish satisfied, we will also grow stronger and learn what the power of God is able to do with a vessel that is sold out for His glory.

God bless you with the strength and courage to go beyond your natural abilities, walking with Him into the supernatural assignments He has reserved for you.


Humbly yours and forever His,