The HarbingerDear Jonathan,

Like so many in the church, I am grateful that God has shown us mercy in the Harbinger events, and in the presentation of those events in your book. I think we all agree that your perspective – that the harbingers are for America – is right on target. America has become rebellious towards God, and will suffer the consequences.

I personally believe this is inevitable. The warnings will not be heeded. But all is not lost; for there is more to the warnings. I want to suggest to you (and all my brothers and sisters) that there is another, more important, perspective on the harbingers and the shemitah.

This additional perspective is actually very simple: God has used the events recorded in The Harbinger to warn the church in America. You see, He is more interested in the future Bride of His Son than this nation we are sojourning in. He is being merciful to warn us that the time has arrived for judgment to come to the people of God. If only we would see this before it is too late.

How did I come to this understanding? The Holy Spirit showed me that America is the wall. That’s right. When God formed this nation, He did so to protect the church that He was planting here. He had great plans for those that would trust and obey Him; and He accomplished many great things through the church in America.

Regrettably, the church has become deceived. The wall God provided has become the idol of God’s people. Think about it. How many in the church look to America for security, governance and prosperity? Is it not clear to you? I know it is; and I suspect that from this perspective, you see more than I.

Is it possible that God would have you speak to this through the channels He has established via the success of The Harbinger? The church desperately needs to hear that we are citizens of a greater nation; ambassadors of the kingdom of God. And we must quit pointing our fingers in the direction of Washington, DC to complain about what “they” are doing. We, the church, are in a more desperate place than this nation in which we live.

I could say more, but this seems to be enough for now. I would be blessed to speak with you further on this matter. You can contact me at

I pray God’s blessing of courage and strength on you.

Humbly yours and forever His,

Rob Streetman

President; inLight Consulting, Inc.

P.S.  To my brothers and sisters in Christ:  If this has encouraged you, and you have a communication channel to Jonathan, please forward this to him.