Military Salute from iStockBefore we jump into this short article, I would like to remind you of a few key truths: If you are a Christian leader in the Marketplace, you are not in your position by accident. God has His eye on you; and His heart’s desires are for you. The church is as much – if not more – in your sphere of influence as it is in the place you attend on Sunday morning.

It is also no coincidence that you are reading this article at this time in the history of the church. The Sermon on the Mount, recorded primarily by Matthew and Luke, is the foundational teaching on the normal Christian life. Consequently, it is the most challenging; and that is where you come in.

God has put it in your nature to courageously face challenges. He has put it in your nature to lead others into challenges. Who do you know that is better encouraged, edified and equipped to lead the transformation that is necessary in the church today? Who is the most influential person in your sphere of influence?

Radical is the Old Normal

Our normal is so subnormal that normal seems radical. To the first century disciples, normal and radical were synonyms. We’ve turned them in antonyms. (from All In, by Mark Batterson)

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus threw down the gauntlet with His disciples: Turn the other cheek, bless your enemies, go the extra mile. He wanted to see who was in and who was out. He did this multiple times during His sojourn here on earth. Many left Him; but there were a few… that grew to thousands, and turned the world upside down.

It seems to me that we have reached a point of crisis in the church. Henry Blackaby called it “the crisis of faith”. As Marketplace Leaders, it is our responsibility to deal with the crisis in God’s way. I would like to offer you a couple of truths to help you embrace the challenge of our crisis; and embrace it in a radical way.

That’s Right, You Can’t

If you have come away from the Sermon on the Mount, saying, “I can’t do that”, then you are correct: You can’t. The normal Christian life is the “not I, but Christ” life (Galatians 2:20). God is working in you to will and do to His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). The Holy Spirit is transforming you into the very image of the glory of the Lord (2Corinthians 3:18). It’s not as hard as you think.

Begin with a Choice

Our responsibility in living the normal Christian life is no greater than in our salvation. It is God’s grace, the Holy Spirit’s work, and Jesus Christ’s life that saves us. Our part began with a choice (i.e., to believe, surrender, trust and obey). It is the same for our maturity, sanctification and transformation. Do not underestimate the power of your choice in regards to the Sermon on the Mount. If you are sincere, He will provide what you need to do the impossible.

Reckon the Truth

Much of our struggles with the challenges of the normal Christian life come from our reason – the ways we consider God’s truth. We have been trained to determine the truth of something before we commit to it. This is not the way to treat the truth of God. First, and often, we must consider the truth of God to be true – no matter what that truth ultimately means to us. This is a practice (i.e., an exercise) that requires the Holy Spirit’s involvement. Submit to His work and He will renew your mind; and the truth will set you free from the disbelief, fear, etc. that is inhibiting you from the radically normal Christian life.


  1. Reckon these truths for yourself. Allow the Holy Spirit to use them to renew your mind and prepare you for the normal Christian life.
  2. Share at least one of these truths with someone in your spheres of influence.
  3. Contact me, at, if I can help you understand these truths and their application to your life.


Humbly yours and His forever,

President, inLight Consulting, Inc.