the light of GodIf I understand it correctly, one of the greatest blessings of the Protestant Reformation was the recognition that all followers of Jesus Christ could approach God for repentance and forgiveness, and for revelation and understanding of His word. It was not necessary for the common man to approach God through a “qualified” human intermediary. Tragically, we have taken a step back in time, particularly as it relates to understanding and appropriating the truths of God.

It is not enough to listen to someone else read and expound on the Scriptures. It is not enough to read them for yourself. We are called to be faithful stewards of the mysteries of God (1Corinthians 4:1-2). Stewards search out and do something with the Master’s resources. To do anything else is wicked and lazy; not my words, but the words of the Master (Matthew 25:14-30).

We have been given eyes to see and ears to hear – spiritual eyes and ears – to know the mysteries of God (Matthew 13:11). It is the glory of God to hide a matter, but the glory of kings to search out a matter (Proverbs 25:2). How can we deny so great a salvation? How far have we strayed – to our peril (2Thessalonians 2:9)?

Many brave men were martyred for their efforts to make the word of God accessible to everyone. These are our brothers. What must they be thinking? Better yet, what is our Master thinking? And what will He do to His wicked and lazy servants?

The age is coming to a close; and the times have grown perilous. Please let me know if you need help becoming a faithful steward of the mysteries of God. Your future depends on it.


Humbly yours and forever His,

P.S. To those of you in leadership, I fervently urge you to refuse to allow those in your spheres of influence to be wicked and lazy. It is a hard thing to say, and hear, but you will be required to give an account.