inLight_logo_vert_2clrThere are particular times in every person’s life when they must determine what they believe and do something about it. If you believed your house was on fire, you would not remain seated on the couch watching the television. You would be taking action comparable to the threat you perceived in the fire. I suggest to you that 2015 is such a year.

2015 is a year that will prove what we, as Christians, believe in our hearts. I have not hidden my feelings about the probability of God’s judgment on the church in America. For those of you that are hearing this for the first time, here are a few articles that will help get you up to speed: The Harbinger’s Deeper Meaning; The Foundations – Confession and Introduction; Should We Leave Them at the Gate?; The Shemittah.

My dad asked me how serious I was about my expectations for calamity in 2015. It was a good question; causing me to ask myself, “What do I believe; and what am I prepared to do about it?” For what it is worth, I am taking steps to secure my family and fellowship. Much of it is planning at this point; which means spending more time with God to understand what He would have me do. I have heard enough to get started. We will be taking intentional steps before the year is out.

I share this with you to make it clear how serious this is to me; and how serious I believe it should be to you. Some of you may wonder what I am planning to do. Give me a call and I will let you know. What you will hear first is “I am doing what God tells me.” That will be followed by, “What is He telling you?” This is important; for God speaks in community.

What about inLight?

Now, if you are still with me, I want you to know that the purpose of inLight Consulting has not changed. Our heart’s desire to help Christian Leaders find joyful, Spirit-filled ministry has only intensified. We will continue in our surrender to this desire… and the LORD will continue to give it to us (Psalm 37:4). For 2015, I believe He will give us grace to surrender more deeply to His purposes for the church we encounter.

I am certain that 2015 will also come with more sacrifice for His plan and submission to His power. I mean this particularly for inLight Consulting and the Marketplace Leaders that have allowed us to speak into their lives. Those that have walked with us this far will be challenged to continue. The time of preparation is drawing to a close.

Jesus made it clear that to survive a storm, His followers must be doers of His words (Matthew 7:24-25). That means knowing what they are; and doing them. Let me suggest that this is harder than you think. Check out this list of Jesus’ words to see what I mean. This doing will become a greater focus of our mission in 2015.

Speaking of our mission, we will continue to encourage, edify and equip every Marketplace Leader God puts in our path. As the chaos of country and church intensifies, these leaders will have great opportunities to transform their spheres of influence by making disciples. We believe that God will use The Map Maker to reach more leaders, and to do so in some unexpected ways (as we are experiencing in Colombia and Ecuador).

We anticipate that the work God is doing with The Map Maker in South America will make a Spanish translation possible in late 2015. In the meantime, we plan to publish The Map Maker’s Guide. This is the accompanying leader’s guide for those that desire to make disciples in the Marketplace. We will also be working on a social media platform for The Map Maker.

As the Lord blesses this work, we expect more opportunities to speak into the lives of leaders across the country – even internationally. We will go where the Lord leads us. It will continue to be an exciting adventure in 2015.

Generally speaking, I want to stress that the first and foremost preparation must take place in the spiritual area of our lives. We must know God and His Son. We must know Their voice, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. We must understand God’s will in community. All other planning will be vanity.


I am grateful for the continued support of those that trust God to use this ministry to further His kingdom. Please increase your intercession for our purpose and mission; and share our mission with others. Share the truth; it will make them free.

Humbly yours and forever His,