CompassIn Starting a Ministry to Marketplace Leaders, I promised to provide the curriculum for discipling the Workplace Ministry Leadership Team. What follows will make more sense if you read that article first.

Now that the lesson outlines have been completed, I can offer you the Curriculum Overview. The lessons will soon follow.  NOTE:  While the following is written with the local church setting in mind, this curriculum is also impactful for ministry leadership development in the workplace and community.


God is moving in the Workplace. There are hundreds of Workplace Ministries moving with Him. Regrettably, the vast majority of these are operating outside the local church (e.g., peer-to-peer groups, business chaplains). A few are attempting to minister in the local church setting, but success has been elusive.

It is our conviction that, while the reasons for our lack of success are many, the solution is quite simple. To successfully launch a Workplace Ministry in the local church setting, the local church must establish and maintain a Ministry Leadership Team with the same intentionality it would have for any other ministry. It must provide its leaders with the spiritual and practical tools necessary to be successful.

No serious local church would try to start a Children’s Ministry by purchasing a bunch of Children’s Ministry programs. They would first select and inculcate the leadership team with the church leadership’s vision and mission for Children’s Ministry. Then they would send them to ministry leadership training. The same is true for every ministry in a local church; including the Workplace Ministry.

With this critical success factor in mind (i.e., preparing the Workplace Ministry Leadership Team), we offer the following curriculum. As you will discover, this curriculum (and any follow-up coaching we provide) is based on a very simple premise: Whenever possible, establish and maintain the Ministry with God’s purposes at the forefront, in the way God prescribes, and with God’s power.

Lesson One: The Workplace Mission

God has invested influence, authority and resources with leaders in the Workplace; to establish His kingdom, bring glory to His name, and unify the Body of Christ. He has called them to a mission field where most people spend most of their waking hours. He has not given this strategic ground to the enemy.

This lesson will provide a broad understanding of Workplace Ministry in its current form, explore the challenges Leaders in the Workplace face, and introduce God’s plan for overcoming the enemy in this ripe mission field.

Lesson Two: The Eternal Purposes of God

For our purposes to be right and virtuous, they must originate in the One that has ordained and orchestrated them. The ultimate purposes of God go far beyond the salvation of man. He fully intends to restore all that was lost to Him in Mankind’s rebellion: His relationship with, habitation in, and reign over His people. As we will see, this is fully accomplished at the end of His story, in The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Through the exploration of God’s eternal purposes, this lesson lays the foundation for the purpose of Ministry in the Workplace.

Lesson Three: Doing Things God’s Way

God has a plan for accomplishing His purposes in the Workplace. He has ways that are high above our own. If we hope to have His presence and grace in our work, we had best do things His way.

This lesson explores the ways God has prescribed for establishing His kingdom, glorifying Himself, and building relationships betweenLeaders in the Workplace and those in their spheres of influence.

Lesson Four: Making Disciples

Some call it mentoring; others, coaching. The Bible calls it “making disciples” – the process God has prescribed for our participation with Him in the work He is doing. Jesus Christ called twelve men to follow Him – that He might make them “fishers of men”. During the three and a half years He spent with them, He was used of His Father to do the very thing that He would commission them to go and do – make disciples.

This lesson prepares the participant to make disciples in the most impactful way – the way Jesus did it.

Lesson Five: The Power of God for Ministry

God has given us all that we need for effective – even powerful – ministry in the workplace. His grace is sufficient for every challenge, trial and trouble. He has created us for exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us. It is our responsibility to lay hold of that for which Jesus Christ laid hold of us, including the power of God for ministry.

In this lesson, we will explore two of the mechanisms God has created for the release of His power. Two others are provided in a handout.

Lesson Six: God’s Mighty Force

All followers of Jesus Christ eventually recognize that there is a fierce battle being waged for the kingdom of God. It is the responsibility of Leaders in the Workplace to wade into the battle with truth, faith and courage; while encouraging others to do the same. God has promised to go before them, and be their rear guard; so, there is nothing to fear.

This lesson explores the Bible’s great encouragements for those engaged in the battle; along with God’s way for fighting our enemies.

Closing Thoughts

This curriculum will help each participant recognize and respond to the truths of God in the context of Workplace Ministry. If they are willing, the Lord will begin making them into committed disciple makers of those who will make disciples, who will make disciples, and so on. That is our hope and prayer: That disciple making will once again become a major focus of the church.

Furthermore, those that join in this adventure will find that these truths apply to every area of their lives – from the office to the home, at church and at the ball field. Every area of responsibility will become an opportunity to walk in the purpose, plan and power of God.

Humbly your and forever His,

P.S.  You may have noticed that we are transitioning from “Marketplace Leaders” to “Leaders in the Workplace”. When we started this ministry, I chose the phrase “Marketplace Ministry” b/c it was what I was hearing and reading as the descriptor.  I have since noticed confusion with the term – particularly for leaders in education, government, and church organizations.  People hear “marketplace” and they think “business”.  I constantly have to explain that the meaning to inLight is “where people work”. Hopefully, this change will remove the confusion and encourage leaders in all segments to make disciples and transform their spheres of influence.