the light of GodRecently, I was encouraged to write my testimony. Like me, you may have done this sometime in the past. If so, then I am writing to encourage you to write it again. This time, write it with the understanding that your testimony is an asset for the kingdom of God – a disciple making asset. Use it to encourage others and bring glory to our Father in heaven. If you have not written your testimony, then I am writing to ask you, “What are you waiting for?”

I humbly offer my own as an example.

This is a story about the making of a man. This man’s name is Rob Streetman. Rob is not a great deal unlike many men; but Rob is unique. Consequently, parts of Rob’s story – His being made – will be familiar, and parts will be strange. Hopefully, you will be encouraged by the former, and challenged by the later.

The important thing to keep in mind is that we are all being made into something… by someone. We are all “in process”. As you will see in his story, Rob is not a self-made man; and he is most grateful to God for that. He tried that approach for a season. It didn’t go well for him or anyone else. Fortunately, The Maker is patient and persistent in His love. That is the testimony of Rob’s making.

Rob invited Jesus Christ to be his Savior at the age 12. This is something the leaders in Rob’s church fellowship strongly encouraged. In the process, God touched a place in Rob’s heart. With as much conviction as a 12 year old can have, Rob responded to God in the way he had been taught. He went forward and prayed for Jesus to come into his heart. Jesus responded. Praise God!! Rob was saved.

However, things did not go as you might expect. Rob wandered from this relationship with his Savior soon after becoming a teenager. Probably for many unremembered reasons (it was a long time ago), Rob determined that he would be his own captain.

Rob was taught the importance of this by society – even those in his own family and fellowship. He was deceived; and that deception feed the rebellion that he was born with. Ignorant of the potential consequences, Rob determined to be his own maker.

Rob’s rebellion continued into his young adult life. He damaged himself and others; and it could have been worse. There were many times when his decisions endangered the very lives of those around him. His own life could have been destroyed, or radically handicapped, on many occasions. Rob was simply not a good man-maker.

But God did not forsake Rob. He is a god of His word. He committed to be Rob’s savior, and He was. Rob would tell you that, looking back, he cannot explain why God dealt with him with so much mercy. He doesn’t understand why God protected him, time and time again. He cannot explain God’s love and long-suffering. He is just thankful that God loves him so much.

Well, as it may have happened for you, Rob eventually got a clue regarding his own inability to make himself. As they say, he finally had to face himself in the mirror, and realize that things were only going to get worse, if he kept this up. In fact, God told himself – in a loving, but firm manner.

So, in 1984, Rob gratefully surrendered to The Maker of Men, Jesus Christ. It is impossible to describe the weight that was lifted from Rob’s shoulders. You may also have discovered that some jobs are best left for those with the wisdom and strength to accomplish them. Rob’s Maker has proven to be more than up to the task. In fact, the more Rob has submitted to The Maker’s process, the easier the making has become.

Initially, Rob’s making required a substantial amount of renovation; some might call it demolition. Rob had constructed a number of false supports; on some poorly laid foundation. The details of these are not as important as the manner in which the renovation was executed. The Maker knows what He is doing. In Rob’s making, He knew when to impose His will, and with what measure of force.

At times, The Maker’s work was incredible painful; but it was always, always necessary. The rooting out of Rob’s pride is a good example. The first occurrence so much so, that Rob thought it must all be gone. Rob is now not so naïve to think that there may not be more; and he is grateful for The Maker’s persistence.

This is, in many ways the story of Rob’s making. Through surrender, sacrifice and submission, The Maker has given Rob purpose in life, a plan for the future, and power to overcome all that stands against him and his Kingdom destiny.

In closing, it is critically important to recognize that Rob’s making is not over. It is a continuing process – this being saved. Rob is most grateful that Jesus not only became his Savior, but He committed saving him for the rest of his life; and to making him the man God desires.

Rob is looking forward to the day when the Savior’s will be completed – when Rob “shall be saved”. He is patiently waiting (but with great anticipation) for the day that his new, out-of-this-world, adventure begins. In the meantime, he is enjoying the adventures of this life; grateful for The Maker’s continued patience and persistence.

At this point in the journey, Rob is the President and Founder of inLight Consulting, Inc., a not-for-profit (501c.3) corporation.  He was called to this ministry in 2005, after 25+ years in the Information Technology field of the Financial Services Industry.  For this season, Rob has been called into full-time ministry to glorify the Lord by encouraging, edifying and equipping Christian leaders in the Marketplace – helping them find joyful Spirit-filled ministry as disciple-making transformation agents.

Humbly yours and forever His,