Partnership and team workGod has a way for everything – including a Workplace Leader’s relationship with his employees. There have been many books – both secular and Christian – written on the subject. We read so much, sometimes we lose track of the more basic. As a quick reminder, consider these simple, but critical, principles:

The principle of making disciples: The Christian Workplace Leader should recognize that every person they hire is someone that God wants to use them (the leader) to disciple. No, this does not (necessarily) mean you have to spend 90 minutes a week with them in formal Biblical training. It does mean that, as the leader, you are responsible, in the workplace, for their spiritual growth.

The principle of peace: Peace in the workplace is evidence of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Even in the trial and tribulation of termination, the peace of God that transcends all understanding should be present – particularly in the leader. Furthermore, the leader is responsible for keeping the peace in the workplace; protecting the environment from unnecessary inhibitors to the Holy Spirit’s supernatural peace.

The principle of hope: Every employee should know where lasting hope is to be found – even those that are not followers of Jesus Christ. They need to learn that true hope is not found in their job or their paycheck. No one should leave your company without knowing, from you, this eternal truth. As you might imagine, it is best not to wait until their termination to share what you believe.

Workplace Ministry Tip: Reexamine your management policies and procedures in light of these principles. Make the necessary changes, and train your management team in their implementation. Inspect what you expect.

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