A Storm is ComingDear Sisters and Brothers,

Let me begin by emphasizing that spiritual preparation is more important that physical preparation. That means that we should be spending more time and energy ensuring we are spiritually prepared for the storm. We should be spending more time with the LORD; to learn what He wants – what He has given us faith for. We should be spending more time studying Scripture; for the truth will make us free from fear and deception.

We should be spending more time mending relationships; for a house divided will not stand. For me, I should be spending more time getting to know my neighbors. They will need my help and the opportunity to love my neighbors as myself will be increased in the storm. So will the opportunity to disciple.

It is hard to say that we should be spending more money on the spiritual preparation, because the physical seems so expensive. Oh my, dear Lord, it just occurred to me: Perhaps we should be investing more in other people’s preparation than in our own. Each will have to hear about that for themselves.

In any case, whatever money we invest must be invested as stewards of the Most High God. This is not a trivial matter. One thing we are doing to help keep our physical preparation in line with the spiritual is to ensure that whatever we do, we do it not just for us and our own, but for anyone God would have us bless.

Now for the immediate topic: I spent most of the day looking into long term food stores. My search led me in a number of other areas (e.g., bug out bags). I have included a number of sites that I found useful. WARNING: Some of the sites recommend things I would not do (e.g., buying Kool-aid Drink Mix). You are going to have to decide what of this is for you and your family. In my opinion, it all depends on three very important things:

  1. What do you believe the LORD is telling you?
  2. What you are comfortable eating/drinking?
  3. What are you willing/able to invest?

It is important to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Focus on the priorities first (e.g., water, food, protection from the elements). NOTE: The following are in no particular order, except for the first three, which are for those of you that are wondering how much food you need if you are going the unprepared food route (it is surprisingly inexpensive). Oh, and the last two; which are review sites for the prepared food providers.













https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwpOXxsGIww (ultimate bug out bag)







As you can see from the last two of these links, there are many companies that supply long-term survival food stores. As best as I can tell, the top three are Emergency Essentials, The Ready Store and Wise Company.

I hope this has been helpful. I wish I could have done more to screen the information. I will be digging deeper for my family’s particular situation. If you would like to follow what we are deciding and doing, please let me know.

One final note: There are a couple of families I know that are taking more of a homesteading route (e.g., big gardens, canning, pigs, goats and chickens). Personally, I think this is essential. Regrettably, my family does not live in a place where that is viable. We are looking for other solutions (e.g., garden towers). Even there, we are running out of time to make the decisions we feel are necessary. And so, we are being very careful to walk in step with the Holy Spirit. Of course, I couldn’t sign off without encouraging you to do the same.

Humbly Yours and Forever His,