bulb-in-handGood sound business practice does not always work well when applied to life. As businesses grow and become more dynamic and complicated, it is good practice to establish departments with specialized responsibilities and dedicated resources. Regrettably, most people try to apply this principle to their lives, only to find it is not God’s way.

God did not intend for us to live compartmentalized lives, where work, family, ministry, etc. are separated slices of a pie (or pieces of a puzzle). Life just doesn’t work that way. It is too dynamic to operate like a business.

Compartments lead to compromise. When work and family are separated, one of them will suffer; and we know which one generally loses. Proactive integration creates a synergy that empowers them both. Keep in mind that practice is preceded by desire and intention.

The same is true with work and ministry. Jesus does not divide Himself to fit into the separate compartments of our life. He must have it all to fill it all. Integrating ministry into the workplace may be difficult and frightening. However, it is God’ desire to own the whole pie and operate in every piece.

Workplace Ministry Tip: Ask the LORD to show you His desires and plans for the integration of your life. How might your family participate in your work (e.g., prayer for meetings)? How does your work support your family – beyond your paycheck? How would God use you as salt and light in the workplace? Lay hold of these desires, and share them with others in your spheres of influence. Look for the blessings of the Lord as He de-compartmentalizes your life.

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