Bible with Cross ShadowPlease allow me a bit of recall: Back in November of 2014, the Lord encouraged me to write a series of articles on what we are calling “The Foundations”. Convinced (and I still am) that “A Storm is Coming”; I put down the foundations to focus on the spiritual preparation of my house and the houses of people in my spheres of influence.

The preparations are ongoing and have included “The Sayings of Mine” series. That work is now finished; and I find myself drawn back to the foundations. I hope you will join me in searching out these matters and mysteries (Proverbs 25:2).

The Foundations are a dozen or so fundamental truths that have been lost by most of the church in America. I admit these are limited by the perspective the Lord has allowed for me. If you know of other lost foundational truths, I encourage you to share them.

For more on the series, and why God has encouraged me to write it, check out The Foundations – Confession and Introduction. If you are encouraged to do so, you can read the first nine foundations by following these links:

  1. The Story is About Him
  2. Fishing is More than Evangelism
  3. The Fear of the LORD
  4. The Gospel of the Kingdom
  5. First, Count the Cost
  6. Salvation is a Process
  7. The Doctrine of Christ
  8. The Way is Difficult
  9. There is Work to be Done
  10. Repentance from Dead Works

These are not your normal 500 word blog articles. They will require some dedicated time to digest; and additional time for processing (I mean them processing us, not the other way around). Take all the time you need. They are not going anywhere; and neither is our Teacher.

In closing, let me encourage you to use these foundations in your discipling of others. The word of God contained in each article will speak for itself. It does not need you or me to defend it. It may not mean exactly what we think it means, but it must mean something. In fact, it may mean even more than we think. God speaks in community.

God bless your searching with His glory and your transformation.

Humbly yours and forever His,