Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

To the beloved, whom I love in truth:  I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers; just as you walk in the truth.

God speaks when we surrender to the desire in our hearts to hear from Him. This is true beyond our “quiet times” – even while we are exercising (or working in the yard, painting the house, etc).

Most of you know that I ride a bicycle for exercise. I also ride to hear from God. As long as I go out most interested in hearing what He has to say, He always says something.

Sometimes we discuss His plans for my work. Sometimes we talk about a decision I have to make, or a situation I am dealing with. Several times, He has shown me a spiritual truth through my cycling. Here’s a recent example:

There is a form to cycling that is most efficient and productive. It varies by individual; and individuals have different keys to help them maintain good form. For me that is “butt back, hips forward and heels down”.

Maintaining form is most difficult when it is most needed. When the hill won’t end soon enough – particularly at the end of a ride – I find myself reverting back to old habits. I move up on the seat, roll my back and start pedaling through my toes.

The results are less efficiency and more pain. Conversely, in maintaining good form I discover energy that I did not know I had; I get stronger in the effort; and I build a kind of faith in that good form.

Commit your way to the LORD,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
Psalm 37:5

Maintaining good form on a bicycle is like maintaining our commitment to do things His way. When our following after Jesus Christ gets difficult, we are more likely to fall into bad spiritual habits (e.g., self protection, impatience). We stop doing things the LORD’s way.

The results are more frustration, more time in the trial, and more pain. Maintaining our commitment to the LORD’s way builds our faith and ensures we do not waste the pain of the trial.

God has a way for everything. Discover it. Commit to it. Practice it when the going is not so tough. You will find it easier to maintain His way in the toughest tribulations.

Praise and Prayer Requests

The Map Maker parable – SomeBody’s Adventure – has been translated into Farsi; and the audio production work should be soon. Please pray for the actors and producers; that they would enjoy and be encouraged in their work.

Beth’s sister, Melissa, passed on to be with the Lord.  She is happy, and the One Who paid the price for her redemption is well pleased; but those of us that remain are grieving.  Please pray that God would fill the void.

Pray for your brothers and sisters that are enduring persecution – as if chained with them.

Please pray for wisdom and the resources we need for our next book (The Lost Foundations); and the accompanying virtual classroom experiment.

Pray for Beth and me as we seek the Lord’s desires for the next season of our adventure together.

Partnering with inLight Consulting

God’s purpose for inLight Consulting is beyond human capability. We are desperately dependent on Him; and would have it no other way.

We are grateful for the continued support of those that trust God to use this ministry to further His kingdom.  Please pray for our vision and mission.

Share the truths you find here with the leaders in your life; it will make them free.

God bless you with wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him; and may He give you the grace and courage to walk in the work He has prepared for you.

Humbly yours and forever His,

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