Multi-ethnic pile of handsEvery organization has a structure. That structure tends to be hierarchical and based on worldly principles. Its primary purpose is to support organizational governance. We are all very familiar with these structures. I want you to ignore them for a moment.

Instead, I am encouraging you to consider a different structure – a structure that also exists in the place where you work. I am encouraging you to consider the spiritual structure that God intends to establish in your workplace.

Depending on the workplace, spiritual structures can be very hard to see; but, make no mistake about it: They are real. Spiritual structures do not readily align with hierarchical structures; primarily because they are organic in nature (think vine and branches). Spiritual structures do have an authority component, but the manifestation of that authority seldom looks like a worldly hierarchy (e.g., the greatest must be servant of all).

Point: Jesus is building His church outside the boundaries of meeting time and place. In fact, there is growing proof that He has turned His attention to the place where most of His followers spend most of their waking hours – in the workplace.

Point: Jesus gave gifts to the church; that we might grow up into the vision of the church He is building (Ephesians 4:11-16). Whether these gifts are real people or people that have these gifts, Jesus is working through designated individuals in the workplace.

Point: God is a careful orchestrator. There are no coincidences for His children. He has positioned leaders in the workplace to help assemble and supply a platoon there.

Question: What is your role in this movement of God? How has God defined and described your role? Are you an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher? Are you an elder; or a deacon? Is your role something more supportive; like watchman, or prayer warrior?

Suggestion: Find your platoon. This group may extend beyond your workplace (your spouse is a good example). However, for the purposes of this exercise, begin where you spend most of your waking hours. Once you have two or more identified, begin meeting – regularly. Use this time to ask God some strategic questions:

  1. Who else have You assigned to our platoon?
  2. What are our roles?
  3. What do You have for us to do?
  4. How would You have us pray?

Caution: Do not presume to know God’s purpose or plan. He works on behalf of those that wait for Him. He has encouraged us to commit our way to him, trust also in Him – and then He will bring it to pass. Focus on surrender and loving one another.

Encouragement: The center of God’s will can be found by surrendering to His three primary purposes: Restoring His reign over, habitation in, and intimacy with, His people. Pursue these and you will find yourself caught up in a great adventure. Let me know how I can help.

Humbly yours and forever His,