Reach OutI recently heard a successful business owner share his heart for his employees, and what he was doing to better understand who they were as people. One thing stood out to me: This owner’s heart was for their success – and not just success in their vocation.

This owner wanted to know how they defined success in the whole of their life – vocation, family, and personal/spiritual health. He also wanted to know what he could do to help them.

His comments got me wondering what our businesses (and church organizations) might look like if they were truly mission fields – and not just to the “customers”, but to the employees, as well.

Think about that for a minute.

Don’t be frightened by the prospect until you have considered it before God. Is He not your CEO? Does He not have access to cattle on a thousand hills? Is He not looking to and fro to show Himself strong on behalf of those that will be loyal to Him?

It will help to acknowledge that He is infinitely wise with His resources. If He truly owns “your” company, He will see to its success.

How does God measure the success of His company in regards to employee relations, if not by the way we love those He has brought under our leadership?

In his book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, John C. Maxwell encourages us: “… the best leaders desire to serve others, not themselves.” Servant Leaders lead in service toward others.

Workplace Ministry Tip: Every godly leader has the desire in their heart to serve others in their spheres of influence. Surrender to that desire and the Lord will give it to you (Psalm 37:4). In the process you will become the best leader you can possibly be.

Ask God to reveal the desire He has placed in your heart for your employees. Remember, He is a process-oriented problem solver, who will direct your steps in this adventure. Start with those that report directly to you.

Once you show them you care about their success – in their whole life – bring them into the adventure. Encourage and enable them to serve those under their leadership. Contact me ( if I can help you become one of the best leaders.

Humbly yours and forever His,