todd-whiteI recently viewed an encouraging movie put out by Todd White, called Lifestyle Christianity. This is not a plug for the movie (though I do recommend it); nor an endorsement of Todd White, per se.

This article is an observation – perhaps a revelation – from the life of Todd White, as portrayed in the movie.

TW is known for his evangelistic healing ministry. At least that is how I know of him. However, TW is not so much about healing people as he is about doing what God will do with someone that is radically obedient, and continually responsive, to God.

TW is simply going where he is sent, to do what he has been given to do. The difference in his life and mine (or yours?) is not His evangelistic approach, or the opportunities he has to heal people – as cool as that may be.

The thing that impressed me most is TW’s simple passionate desire to connect people with God. In the process, he lets his light shine before men in ways that glorify his Father in heaven.

Here is the revelation: We must be careful not to box God into a particular manifestation and method.  Connecting people with God can happen, supernaturally, in an unlimited number of ways and places.

God is working all things to the good. It doesn’t have to be healing – and you don’t have to be a full-time evangelist – to experience the greater-than life that Jesus promised.

I believe Jesus meant what He said: That those who believe would do the same, and greater things, than He did. However, we must not minimize the power of God in an encouraging word, poured out of a heart passionate to make God known.

The word of God is alive and powerful; the truth to make men free.

We are vessels of the living God; for the pouring out of His very nature – rivers of living water.

Love, humility, hope, joy, peace, etc. are atmosphere shifters. They give platform for ministry wherever we find ourselves – from class rooms to board rooms, from assembly lines to lines in soup kitchens.

Holding in these atmosphere shifters – allowing inhibitors in our lives – may be our greatest sin; indeed, the greatest grieving of the Holy Spirit. We must be passionately intentional about their removal.

Furthermore, we are instruments of righteousness; not to harm others (and the Body of Christ) with our self-righteous dogma, but to bring God’s justice and freedom to those oppressed and captive to the evil one.

We are encouraged to be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. This is not a metaphor!

The Life that is in Todd White is waiting for us to be who we have been created to be: The light that draws others to Jesus and the Father.

Opportunity is knocking… every day. God is waiting… to show Himself strong on behalf of those that are loyal to Him.

If we would just…

“Just” what? That’s the question! I believe I know the answer; but you need to hear it from Him. Yes, it would be better for God to answer that question for those that are drawn to His transformational will.

Humbly yours and forever His,

P.S. Let me know if you need help finding the answer. We all do at one time or another. I need you to find the answer.