Much of the church has taken on the world’s way for training leaders; even promoting the teaching of unbelievers, as if the world has some wisdom that the sons and daughters of God need. Perhaps, we think God will sanctify it, and make us better at leadership (in the world’s ways).

The truth is, God will have none of it. He has a way for everything; and, in His kingdom, it is either His way, or the highway.

God has one way for developing leaders. It is called making disciples. He could not have been more clear about this.

At the beginning of His ministry, God’s Son called His disciples:  “Follow me and I will make you…”.

Upon His departure, He commissioned them: “Go and make disciples…”

In between, He walked in the Father’s way for a disciple that makes disciples – so they would know what to do when He left them:  “As the Father sent me, so also I send you.”

Jesus spent 3+ years showing us how to develop people that would lead His church. There is no excuse for the leadership vacuum that exists in most fellowships. Why do we call the Bible our guidebook for life and then ignore the clear instruction it gives for leadership development? Why are we looking to the world for the answer?

The sobering truth is this:  As God does with individuals, He is allowing us to continue in the way of our choosing until we recognize the foolishness of it. In the meantime, the lack of leaders that are true disciple makers only aggravates and accelerates the decline. If this goes on much longer, the whole system will have to be scrapped – for something He will bless.

Humbly yours and forever His,