It has been some time since I have been challenged with this question. Has inLight changed? Has God shifted, or expanded, our core purpose? How are we fitting into God’s will for the church in this season? Is He stirring up new desires/burdens?

These are some of the questions the leader of a ministry must ask from time to time. It is the same for other workplace ministries – including those that are embedded in the workplace.

Whether you are the president of a ministry, the owner of a business, a leader in another professional field (e.g., education, government, medicine) – if you are a church leader or home maker – it is good to expect change. If we are pursuing the will of God, we will be regularly called to a higher level of glory (2Corinthians 3:18).

Over a half-a-dozen people I know well are sensing God’s call to them for something more; that a transition is underway. Some have been through this before, and are familiar with the process.

Others, not so much. They are wondering how to proceed. How do they respond to God’s prompting? How do they discover God’s purpose in this season?

God has a process for answering these questions. It is one of the things inLight offers to workplace leaders. I am feeling that now is an appropriate time to apply what we teach to ourselves.

Perhaps it will help you to follow along – to learn the process for yourself and those you are discipling. In the meantime, you may come to understand how God intends to use inLight to help you discover and walk into your kingdom work.

Granted, I will not be starting from scratch. inLight has a stated mission:

The mission of inLight Consulting is to encourage, edify, and equip Leaders in the Workplace to become disciple makers and transformation agents in their communities.

We have been operating under this mission for over ten years. It is hard to imagine it changing. However, God is doing something. It will be good to start at the beginning and work through the process. If nothing else, He will affirm the mission and certainly give us more insight into His plans for accomplishing it.

That brings up an interesting point. Purpose and plan are not the same thing. If you intend to use this series for your own investigation, don’t get the two confused. Generally speaking, purpose is the “what”, and plan is the “how”.

The purpose must be understood first. It is the anchor – the foundation. God rarely gives us the entire plan (what would be the faith in that?). The purpose becomes a measure of the plan; helping to validate what we are hearing, as He reveals the plan.

Next time, we will begin the process – with the question, “What desire is God stirring in your heart?”

I encourage you to pass this on to those in your spheres of influence that are sensing God’s call to something more. This will be a wonderful opportunity for disciple making. God will use you to further His kingdom in their life and yours.

Humbly yours and forever His,