Here we are: Already into the eighth article of this series. Some of you are itching to get on with the plan. Am I right? I know how you feel – fighting the urge to get something done.

So, step back from the edge and take a deep breath. You don’t want to go there. You really don’t. Be encouraged: God has it all under control. It’s more about the journey than the destination.

We are making progress. In fact, we are about to move on to the next phase – from positioning ourselves before God, to discovering His purpose.

Remember, patience is a virtue. It is also a necessity – assuming we are determined to find the center of God’s will in the good works He has created us to walk in.

Are You Ready to Move On?

God’s greatest intention, in calling us to more, is to better position us to hear, believe and obey His voice. Now is the time – in these relatively quiet beginnings – to establish that foundation. Doing so will protect us when the chaos of adventure arrives.

Therefore, we are going to take a pause here to check ourselves. Just how are we doing with our preparation? Important note: These are intended to be conversation starters… with God.

  1. Am I feeling a call to more, or is this God trying to tell me to get on with my current assignment? We must be careful not to grasp at something new out of a sense of boredom, discontent, etc.
  2. Have I surrendered myself to God’s positioning? Will I trust His timing, even as the world (and other Christians) seem to be passing me by? Is knowing Him more important than the assignment?
  3. Am I positioning myself before God in humility, meekness, patience and trust? Is my relationship with Him more important than what He should give me?
  4. Will I submit to the Holy Spirit transforming me by the renewal of my mind? Am I willing to have my mind set more on the things of heaven than the things of this world?
  5. Am I prepared to say my “whatever” – to say goodbye to everything I own, everything I have been, and everything I have been called to? Am I ready to grieve?
  6. Have I verified, with the Holy Spirit’s help, that my primary motivations are for God’s glory? Have I allowed Him to deal with my humanistic leanings?

As you can see, the call to more is a high calling. Anything of value comes at a cost. That cost begins here – with our time. He has given us His. How foolish would we be to refuse our own?

For myself, I need to set aside some dedicated quiet time to ask God these questions. Am I prepared to hear His voice, believe what He says and respond with my obedience? I hope you will continue to join me in this great adventure.

Humbly yours and forever His,