The desire of my heart is to help Christian Leaders find joyful, Spirit-filled ministry; and to be used by God in building houses that will stand in the storms of life (Matthew 7:24-25). I believe that is God’s purpose in this blog (I am just a pen).

Many times, the best way to disciple someone is to share a resource with them. It is cost and time efficient. Many times, others share the truth in ways that are beyond my gifting. This is one of those times.

So, in the hopes of your encouragement and edification, I offer to you a link to Ten Shekels and a Shirt (once the webpage opens, click the title, and then “open”, to start the audio).  You will notice that this sermon is from a website – – that promotes genuine Biblical revival, by offering some of the best sermons of the past 100 years. I promise, you will enjoy this one immensely.

I suspect you will want to listen to others, after you have heard from Paris Reidhead. You can do that through their website and their podcast channel. Let me now if you need help setting that up.

I also hope and pray that you will pass this sermon on to those you are discipling.

Humbly yours and forever His,