The kingdom is like a mighty river, flowing over time. The river is a story – the story of God’s kingdom. It is the Kingdom River.

Like most mighty rivers, the Kingdom River has a deep channel; a channel that cuts through time, on the river’s way through eternity. The Kingdom River makes its own path. It determines, by its power, where it will flow.

In the channel of the Kingdom River, the current flows deep and with great power. It draws all of humanity to itself. But, the channel of the Kingdom River is a dangerous place. All who are swept up in it eventually drown.

The Kingdom River, as it is with most mighty rivers, also has its shallows and quiet pools; places where young and old first enter – where they find peace and comfort. In this part of the river, the waters rarely come up to your knees; and the strong current is rarely felt. Still, many are satisfied to stay there.

Regrettably, they are not aware of the dangers that are lurking nearby.

Removed from, but within view of the Kingdom River, is a broad road. Many are traveling down the broad road. Many – perhaps most – of those traveling on the broad road are irritated by the site of the river. They want nothing to do with it. They consider the people gathered at the river to be foolish and weak.

Many others, on the broad road, are comforted in knowing that the river is close. When they pause to look and consider the road, they feel drawn to come near. But that would require them to leave the broad road, and they are not ready for that. Perhaps some other day. In the end, they never make it to the river’s edge.

This is a sad tragedy, but not so much as that which unknowingly threatens the shallow and quiet pool dwellers.

From their vantage point, the shallow and quiet pool dwellers can also see the broad road; and the many family, friends and acquaintances who travel through time there. They find it difficult not to wonder about the life they left on the broad road. “What if?” comes often to their minds.

For some – or many (for no one knows the number) – the broad road is a great distraction. Their eyes are more often on the broad road than on the river. Perhaps more often than we want to admit, the distraction becomes a temptation; and the temptation draws them away from the Kingdom River.

It is hard for us to imagine anyone returning to the broad road. The shallows and quiet pools are so peaceful and comforting. How could such a satisfying place become so unsatisfying?

Perhaps that is how God made us. Perhaps He has put a desire for more in us; a desire for more of what we value the most. And, yes, He has given us the ability, and liberty, to choose where we ultimately fulfill that desire.

As you might expect, between the place of shallows and quiet pools, and the Kingdom River’s powerful and dangerous channel, the waters grow gradually deeper. For those that respond to the draw of the channel, the waters will eventually cover knees, waste, chest and head. Eventually, the channel will draw them into its depth, where all there is to breathe is the river itself.

Moving from shallows and quiet pools, toward the powerful depths of the channel, is an adventure; with a mixture of excitement and fear. Tentative steps can unconsciously turn to dug-in heels. It is not unusual to take two steps forward and one step back. Sadly, there are those that let fear drive them back to the shore.

What does it take to journey to the depths of the Kingdom River?

While much could be written here, it seems the Writer of this metaphor is saying this: Faith, hope and love. So, just a few words more about each one.

For Faith, two passages come to mind:

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Listen and believe what you hear.

Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
Psalm 37:5

Trust Him and commit your way to Him. He has promised to do the rest.

Hope is not wishful thinking. Hope is a confident expectation of something we know to be true. In this case, we know that drowning in the Kingdom River is the most logical thing to do. Why?

Because that is the place where His Love and ours, in their fullest expression, meet. It is the Love of our Creator that is drawing us into its depths.

God bless you with His grace for each of these things.

Humbly yours and forever His,


P.S.  If you know someone that is loitering around in the shallows and quiet pools, please share this post with them.  They are in danger that they do not comprehend.