I began writing this series for those in my spheres of influence who expressed a feeling of transition in their lives; that God was up to something. Over the years, I have recognized this as God’s call to a new kingdom assignment – His call to more of the good work that brings Him glory.

The question in these situations is always, “What does He want me to do?” While the question is reasonable, our expectations for the answer are often misguided. In our get-it-done, “what have you done for me lately?” world, we fall into the trap of, well, just getting it done; so we can move onto the next thing.

Execution without planning is foolish. Planning without first understanding the purpose for the plan, even more so. This is particularly true when our “company” is going through transition. As hard and contrary to our nature as it may be, we must step back and slow down. That has been the message and purpose of this series.

It all boils down to two questions: Who is the Boss? Will I trust Him?

Admittedly, this series is longer than I expected (congratulations to those who have hung in there). At this point, we have journeyed through two of the three phases God encouraged me to cover. The first, positioning ourselves, prepares us for the second, discovering His purpose.

It is important that these phases be completed in sequence. There is more going on here than the collection of information. God always uses these opportunities to draw us to Himself; and He will not continue to participate in the process until His intentions are accomplished.

That is why we have inserted checkpoints – to be sure you are ready to proceed to the next phase. If you have been struggling with the purpose discovery phase, it is likely due to some failure in the positioning phase. You would be wise to go back to the first checkpoint.

For those that are confident in moving forward, here are some questions to assess your readiness for the planning phase:

  1. Have you come to terms with the fact that the story is primarily about God and His desires? Are you thinking of His story with His context and constraint?
  2. Have you discovered God’s purpose for the upcoming season – in the desire that He has put in your heart? If so, you should be able to complete this statement: “The desire of my heart is…”.
  3. What are the talents, skills, relationships, tragedies, victories, dreams and visions, etc. that God has previously invested in you? Which ones has He called me to lay down?
  4. Are you leaning into the center of God’s will for your future? Have you asked Him the three big questions?
  5. Have you taken the first steps in making God’s purposes personally real?

Let me leave you with this fair warning: Finding the center of God’s will cannot be accomplished while keeping God at arm’s length. He takes our commitments seriously. Short of forcing our choices, He will do all in His power to prepare us for the next assignment. He is patient and persistent. The most direct path is the path of surrender.

God bless you with wisdom and courage for the direct route.

Humbly yours and forever His,