The Lord recently ordered me to dedicate the first two hours of my day to writing. As many of you have heard me say, “I am just the pen.” Those words fail to communicate the depth of joy I find in this relationship with the Author. Let me explain.

I discovered a passion for creative writing in the 12th grade. I wish I could remember the name of the teacher that encouraged me. I would like to thank her – and use her name on the “Who was your favorite teacher?” security question. I also want to encourage her for the way God used her for His eternal purpose in my life.

Regrettably, the only creative writing I did in college was to my best friend and future wife. My course work and subsequent vocation did not require it, and there was no one there to encourage the passion. And so, it just got away from me.

That lost and forgotten passion did not show up again until we launched inLight Consulting – roughly 30 years later. Honestly, I was more than a little surprised to discover that God had a use for something I had completely forgotten. It was like discovering a treasure I had unknowingly misplaced in my attic (ahh, what else might be up there?).

Recently, I have been wondering about “joy” – particularly its presence in my life and the overflow of it on to others. Frankly, I wonder why there is not more. I’m searching out the matter and hope to share some of my discovery in the future.

For now, I just want to recognize and testify that I find joy in being God’s pen. I am so very grateful for those of you that have encouraged and supported that part of the inLight adventure. I very much want you to appreciate that God has used you, much like my 12th grade teacher, to accomplish this purpose in my life.

We (God and I) very much want you – and others to whom we minister – to find this same joy. The two most obvious steps that got me here are my surrender to God’s desire for my life (i.e., inLight Consulting) and my recognition and acceptance of “just being the pen”. This is, of course, the Map Maker’s way.

So, be encouraged! Ask the Lord to reveal both His desire for you (Psalm 37:4) and the substance of His workmanship in you (Ephesians 2:10). He loves talking with His children. You will discover His grand purpose and adventurous plan – prepared specifically for you and those in your spheres of influence.

Updates and Prayer Requests

Sometime next week, we will make a pre-release announcement for a new eBook. The working title is “Overcoming Our Carnal Mind: Finding Victory over Enemy #1”. The more I have searched out this matter, the more passionate I have become about this issue. We, the church in America – and particularly its leaders – must get our thinking right, or continue to decline and lose influence. There will be pre-order discounts, so keep an eye open for the announcement. Please also pray about supporting this project. We will do everything God empowers us to do to get this information to as many leaders as possible.

A man we have been discipling is starting a disciple-making ministry for men in his church fellowship. Please pray for God’s grace, boldness and courage towards Marty; that He would show Himself strong and merciful on Marty’s behalf.

We continue our search for fellowships and ministries to partner with us at 2:2 Collective. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom; that He would connect us with those who have a heart for unity – to advance the kingdom together. Pray for grace and courage to glorify God in my roles as President and Treasurer.

Pray for the workplace leaders you know – for their transformation into mighty men and women of God; that they would be houses that stand in the storms of life. Let me know how I can help you minister to them.

I am eternally grateful to all who pray for inLight, my family, and those to whom we minister. Your prayers are effectual and much needed. Please continue to pray as the Lord leads you.

I strongly encourage you to ensure your prayers are foremost for the glory of God; and that you first worship Him. He is the Giver of all good things. He deserves our focused attention.

Partnering with inLight Consulting

God’s purpose for inLight Consulting is beyond human capability. We are desperately dependent on Him; and would have it no other way. We are grateful for the continued support of those that trust God to use this ministry to further His kingdom.  Please pray for our vision and mission. Share the truths you find here with the leaders in your life; it will make them free.

God bless you with wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him; and may He give you the grace and courage to walk in the work He has prepared for you.

Humbly yours and forever His,

Rob Streetman