Christians have an enemy entrenched and hidden in our camp – behind our lines, distracting and deceiving us. Most are oblivious to this enemy’s presence. Many have turned to it for counsel and advice.

This enemy aligns itself with Satan and the world to resist the wisdom, influence and work of God. It is not as powerful as Satan, nor as influential as the world; but make no mistake about it, this enemy is capable of much mischief and mayhem. Indeed, this enemy should be labeled, “Enemy #1”.

Enemy #1 is our carnal mind.

God would have us recognize and expose our carnal mind. He would have us overcome it, and repair the damage it has wrought. God would transform us by the renewing of our minds – if only we would let Him; if only we knew how.

It is no wonder we (the American church) are failing to convince the lost world to think differently. Generally speaking, we are not thinking right ourselves. God would have it otherwise. There is a battle to be fought and won. There is a greater-than life in the kingdom of God – right here and now. But first, we must win the battle that is taking place in our own camp. We must overcome our carnal mind!

That is God’s purpose for writing the new book we are pre-announcing today. Much of the book has been written as articles for the inLight Adventure blog. We are working now to pull it all together for publication as an eBook, on December 26th.

For this, we need your help.

Note to the moderators of blogs and groups with whom we provide content: This article is promotional and includes a request of support for a new project. Please consider that we are only interested in getting the word of God out to as many as possible. We understand if you still prefer to exclude/remove it.

First and foremost, we desire your prayers. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you for the Father’s will throughout the publication process. Our heart is to put this book in the hands of as many leaders as possible. This is certainly the most important project we have attempted since The Map Maker.

Professional publishing and distribution come at a price. There are book cover artists, editors and social media professionals to hire. Consequently, we are asking you to prayerfully consider supporting this venture. Give as much as God directs. We promise to be good stewards with your investment.

Every person who donates will receive a free download – regardless of the amount. Every donation in excess of $100 will receive ten free downloads. Instructions can be found on the inLight Consulting support page.

This is important: Tell your friends – particularly those in leadership positions. Getting the word out is a great way to make people aware of Enemy #1. In fact, why don’t you share this article with one or two right now.

Lastly, be on the lookout for additional communications about the book. In the coming weeks, we will be seeking your input on the title and cover. All who participate will get a free download.

In the meantime, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the carnal mind’s trickery in your life. You may be surprised (and alarmed) at what you find.

Humbly yours and forever His,