Approximately twelve years ago I attended a lecture at a workplace leaders’ conference on the physiology of the brain. It was really quite unusual. What was I doing at such a lecture? What was such a lecture doing at a workplace leaders’ conference? Looking back, I now understand that God orchestrated that lecture, at that conference, for my edification and encouragement.

The presenter showed us how scientists observe physical changes in the brains of patients recovering from alcoholism; that new electronic pathways are created over time. It occurred to me that this research scientist was talking about the renewal of the mind. I came to understand that the renewal of the mind is as much a supernatural miracle at the physical level, as the healing of terminal cancer through prayer (something I have also witnessed). The notion captivated me.

This discovery connected well with my prior vocation: working with a team of enterprise architects to change the way banking executives thought about the use of technology. Our ultimate purpose was to transform their business with technology. We called this “changing their paradigm.” The equivalent Biblical term for “paradigm” is “mindset.” Others prefer “worldview.”

I spent more than a decade in the technology field proving that changing someone’s paradigm is much easier said than done. As promising as technology was to their bottom line, the executives I worked with resisted us religiously. Why? Because the implementation of technology required them to transform their thinking about work and to change the way they did business.

The ensuing twelve years of workplace ministry have proven that the mind’s resilience to change exists in every sphere, and no less with my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is lamentable, for our transformation into the image of the glory of the Lord requires the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 3:18). We must change the way we think!

Over the years, this matter of the mind has become increasingly important to me. I have tried to make it important to others. And so, we have come to the writing of An Enemy Lies Within to encourage and help Christians think about the way they think, and to empower them to think in line with God’s prescription for the renewing of our mind.

Ultimately, our hopes and prayers are for the transformation and reformation of the Western church.

Our Thesis

The church in the West desperately needs a reformation. Where do reformations begin if not with repentance? According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary, repentance means “to change one’s mind or purpose” (Vine, Unger, & White, 1985: 525). Not what you expected, right? I too was surprised. Most people consider repentance to be a matter of behavior. As we will discover, true repentance leads to a change in behavior for those who first change their mind.

This brings us to Romans 12:2, where we are encouraged to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Perhaps, in the Age of Reason, we need a reformation in the way we think. We need to start seriously and soberly thinking about the way we think as Christians. We have gotten lazy with our thinking. We trust our thinking way too much. Those of us who preach and teach trust the thinking of others more than we should. The results are obvious, and they are not good. It is time we tried something different.

God is a process-oriented problem solver; He uses processes to solve problems. For example, God uses the salvation process to solve the problem of our rebellious separation from Him; and the sanctification process to address His requirement for our holiness. More to the point of this study, we have a problem with our minds, and we need a process from God.

The process which God has given us for the renewal of our minds is the process of faith. The process of faith, beginning with the word of God (Romans 11:17), produces the good work of God in which we are created to walk (Ephesians 2:10). The renewal of the mind must occur for His word to manifest in His good work. It is heartening, and not surprising, to know that the key to our reformation is the process of faith. We search this out extensively in An Enemy Lies Within.

Joining the Movement

The vast majority of Christians are involved in one or more spheres of influence. These are groups of individuals which God has positioned you to disciple in some small or large way. An Enemy Lies Within has been written with you and them in mind.

First, there is your participation with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the overcoming of your carnal mind. It is impossible to lead someone where we are not willing to go ourselves. An Enemy Lies Within explains the process of faith and offers sixteen spiritual disciplines that will support that process in your life. Through it, you will overcome the discouragement, distraction, and deception of your carnal mind.

Secondly, An Enemy Lies Within includes seven short articles which will provoke Christianly thinking for those within your spheres of influence. Accompanying ice breaker questions serve to challenge mindsets and facilitate the church’s liberation, restoration, and reformation.

Would you join us in this grass roots liberation movement by ordering five or ten copies for Christians in your spheres of influence? When you do, include a copy of this letter for their encouragement; that they might join this honorable and worthy battle against the #1 enemy of God and His children.

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God bless you with grace for the renewing of your mind, and the courage and opportunity to do all you can for the liberation of others.

Humbly yours and forever His,