It seems like a good time to republish this article. I pray God will use it to renew your mind regarding America and the church.

Let me begin by saying that I am not proposing an answer to this question. I honestly want to know what Christians mean when they ask me to pray for America. What do they mean when they pray for America?

You may be wondering why this is difficult for me. I suspect it has to do with the definition of terms. I suspect America does not mean the same thing to everyone. Furthermore, I suspect – if you are one of the “pray for America” folks – the following will not sit well with you.

Please don’t dismiss me. I am just looking for answers.

Did you know that America was the number one producer of pornography in the world; and the number one benefactor of the sex slave trade? America also leads the world in the number of incarcerated individuals; a strong indication that America is number one in the practice of lawlessness.

It may sound like I have answered my own question: America needs prayer because America is in grave danger of going the way of many kingdoms before her. And we can’t have that; right? We love America.

Honestly, if that was all there was, I wouldn’t be asking the question. Here’s another: Why do we love America so much that we would pray for her – and be offended when others question why?

This is the crux of my struggle. How much do we love America? Has America become the idol of the church?

Think about it. Who do most Christians look to for protection, prosperity and peace? What systems do we run to for justice? What ways have we incorporated into our institutions to ensure our success? How does “of the people, by the people, and for the people” line up with the kingdom of God?

Why are we so eager to pray for the kingdom that has stolen the affection of our King’s Beloved? Why are we more passionate about praying for the idol, than praying for our Master’s Bride? Where is the cry for grace that the betrothed would seek repentance and healing?

Perhaps I am missing something. People I love and respect want me to pray for America. They pray for America regularly. What, or who, are they praying for? Why don’t they ever ask me to pray for the church?

The church has taken on so much responsibility for America, it has failed to take responsibility for itself. The church is not America; and America is not the church. The church needs grace to humble itself, turn from its wicked ways and seek the face of God.

It seems to me that more emphasis has been placed on God healing the land, than the requirements for God to even consider our request. We seem to assume that we have humbled ourselves. I think we are deceived in this regard.

Most tragic is our handling of “turn from their wicked ways”. Ask someone to quote the 2Chronicles 7:14 promise. You may be surprised at how many leave this phrase out. Honestly, I think the church is in worse shape than America.

So maybe the better question to ask is: What does it mean to pray for the church?

Humbly yours and forever His,


P.S. Speaking of 2Chronicles 7:14, have you ever considered that the “land” may not be America? There is more at stake in our New Covenant relationship with God. For a renewing perspective, check out our article here.