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Navigating God’s Call to More – His Method for Our Making

In Process for Planning, we discovered that God does not have an x-step plan for guaranteed success. His plans for His children are dynamic, and unpredictable. There are two ways to learn this. The first way to respond to God’s dynamic nature in planning is to resist, self-manage and control. My experience tells me that […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – The Plan is to Follow

Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as the noonday. Psalm 37:5-6 One of the tricks our mind tries to play on us is the interpretation of Scripture to meet its preferences, and […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – God’s Process for Planning

Now that we have positioned ourselves to hear God’s instruction, and discovered the purposes of God in His call to more, we can begin to explore His process for planning. I feel the need to share – here at the beginning – that God’s way for planning is not like anything you may have experienced […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – Transition Checkpoint 2

I began writing this series for those in my spheres of influence who expressed a feeling of transition in their lives; that God was up to something. Over the years, I have recognized this as God’s call to a new kingdom assignment – His call to more of the good work that brings Him glory. The […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – Getting Personal with God’s Purpose

Discovering God’s ultimate purpose in His story is something of a double-edged sword. On the one edge, the fact that He is ultimately interested in more than saving humanity is a revelation that can free us, from ourselves, to participate in the most exciting adventure of our lives. At the same time, a discovery of […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – Guided by the Desires of His Heart

Navigating God’s call to more based on the trajectory of our past, is profitable and encouraging; but it is a limited perspective. To understand and follow God’s purpose for the next season, we must also look to the future. You may be tempted to balk at this. The future is unknown. It can be an […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – From the Trajectory of our Past

The discovery that God is a process-oriented problem solver can be an empowering revelation. To know God is up to something – in both His story and in the seasons of our lives – gives us hope and understanding. It is not a small thing to stop looking at the work of God in terms […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – Discovering the Purpose

As a reminder, this series is being written for those who sense they are in a season of transition – a call by God to more kingdom adventure. God has a way to maximize the “more” of that adventure. It includes preparation, and discovery of purpose, before planning and execution. We are currently in the […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – Context and Constraint

Our ability to navigate God’s call to more rises and falls on our understanding, belief and obedience to His greater purposes. To understand them, we must surrender to His will (John 7:17). It is in our hearts – where man believes – that God stores His desires for “greater than” things. These are the desires […]

Navigating God’s Call to More – Transition Checkpoint

Here we are: Already into the eighth article of this series. Some of you are itching to get on with the plan. Am I right? I know how you feel – fighting the urge to get something done. So, step back from the edge and take a deep breath. You don’t want to go there. […]