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These Sayings of Mine – Judge God’s Way (Part 2)

For sins directed towards us personally, Matthew 18:15-17 instructs us in God’s way for restoration. This passage is also the prescription of our Lord and Master for discipline in the church. Dare we ignore it or invent another? Sadly, we have done so for quite some time now in much of the Western church. We have mistakenly used the “judge not” to avoid the discomfort of God’s way for discipline. In doing so, we have failed to love His church.

These Sayings of Mine – Judge God’s Way (Part 1)

Identifying and addressing the sin in a sister or brother is not condemnation. It is an act of love, that they might not face the judgment of God (1Corinthians 5:1-5; James 5:19-20). Conversely, to ignore or accept sin in a sister or brother is failure to love them.

These Sayings of Mine – Judge Not

Perhaps the judging that Jesus prohibits is that which separates the body of Christ, the judging that involves “to contend together, as warriors and combatants”. This aligns with Jesus’ prayer for our unity, as well as Paul’s strong words against one Christian taking another to court.

These Sayings of Mine – Seek the Kingdom of God (Part 2)

The kingdom we seek will not be found haphazardly, for it is on the other side of the narrow gate and down the difficult way. Very often, our greatest struggles become God’s most glorious victories. Work it out; trust that He is working in us to will and to do to His good pleasure, to give us the very thing we are seeking: His kingdom.

These Sayings of Mine – Seek the Kingdom of God (Part 1)

It occurs to me that this saying of Jesus’ must have been one of those He used to test His disciples and thin the crowds. In many respects, it is the core message of His Sermon on the Mount.

These Sayings of Mine – Get Focused and Stay Focused

Jesus chose His words carefully (single, not good). An eye that is not singularly focused is bad. Therefore, we can understand this passage to be saying, “If your eye is not singularly focused, your whole body will be full of darkness.”

These Sayings of Mine – Lay Up Treasures in Heaven (Part 3)

One of the greatest inhibitors to our hearing and doing this saying is our lack of faith and perspective for eternity. Let’s face it: Most of us spend the greater part of our lives laying up wealth so we can enjoy the last feeble portion of our seventy or eighty years here on earth. We are so focused on investing for retirement that we fail to lay up for that portion of our life that is immeasurable in its duration.

These Sayings of Mine – Lay Up Treasures in Heaven (Part 2)

As we press in to hear what the Father and Jesus are saying, it will be helpful to clear away the clutter. The meaning of “treasure” in our culture is not quite the same as the treasure Jesus is speaking of here. As much as we might prefer to talk about something else, the treasure Jesus is talking about is our wealth.

These Sayings of Mine – Lay Up Treasures in Heaven (Part 1)

This saying is particularly hard to hear for those in the church that are tempted – and even presently deceived – by the American Dream. Consequently, I am concerned that I may lose a few of you on this one. So, before you turn away, let me encourage you: We are all in process; and our heavenly Father is sensitive to our place in the race.

These Sayings of Mine – Fasting to Please God

Importantly, Jesus did not say, “…if you fast”. Fasting is not an optional discipline for the serious Christian; it is assumed. Furthermore, Jesus speaks of fasting in exactly the same way He speaks of doing good works and praying, thus highlighting the importance of fasting in the normal Christian life.