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Most of you are reading this article because you are curious about someone else’s perspective on the kingdom of God. Others because you are passionate about your relationship with God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Perhaps these are two points on a spectrum (just an observation).

Perspective and passion are important considerations when we ask ourselves this question. There are at least two perspectives to consider. First, there is God’s perspective and our perspective. For the sake of brevity, we will put aside our perspective and consider His.

From His perspective, there are two additional perspectives related to the meaning of “why”? This is where I want to focus our attention.

“Why?” can mean, “What was His motivation?” It can also mean, “What is His purpose?” Someone might argue that these are ultimately the same. However, there is much to learn in considering them apart from one another.

When we ask ourselves, “Why would God save a wretch like me?” the automatic response is almost always, “Because He loved me.” We get this from John 3:16. God’s motivation is love. That’s true; and it sounds so good, we want to stop there and enjoy the moment (go ahead; feel free).

The experience of God’s love is an awesome thing.  However, failing to move on – as many in the Church have (been taught) – leaves us with a woefully incomplete answer.

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I began writing this series for those in my spheres of influence who expressed a feeling of transition in their lives; that God was up to something. Over the years, I have recognized this as God’s call to a new kingdom assignment – His call to more of the good work that brings Him glory.

The question in these situations is always, “What does He want me to do?” While the question is reasonable, our expectations for the answer are often misguided. In our get-it-done, “what have you done for me lately?” world, we fall into the trap of, well, just getting it done; so we can move onto the next thing.

Execution without planning is foolish. Planning without first understanding the purpose for the plan, even more so. This is particularly true when our “company” is going through transition. As hard and contrary to our nature as it may be, we must step back and slow down. That has been the message and purpose of this series.

It all boils down to two questions: Who is the Boss? Will I trust Him?

Admittedly, this series is longer than I expected (congratulations to those who have hung in there). At this point, we have journeyed through two of the three phases God encouraged me to cover. The first, positioning ourselves, prepares us for the second, discovering His purpose.

It is important that these phases be completed in sequence. There is more going on here than the collection of information. God always uses these opportunities to draw us to Himself; and He will not continue to participate in the process until His intentions are accomplished.

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