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runner-stretchingA couple of weeks ago, I posted a poem – Sprint, Sprint, Sprint. Since then, I have had some additional thoughts about running the race to win; and I have received some great feedback. What follows is a mixture of those.

Most misunderstood the meaning of “sprint”. They thought it referred to the work of ministry – doing more of the good works we have been called to walk in. There is some of that in the meaning, but it is secondary. The primary meaning is “running after God”. This does not necessarily require additional work, but our being more intentional about the work we have been given.

It has also occurred to me that God may not be calling us to sprint all the time.  There are seasons for every purpose. Waiting on God and following after Him with intensity are both necessary for the one racing to win.

In any event, the question is still a good one: When did Paul start sprinting? Most of us (me included) have a mindset to run the race as if we are waiting for God to ring the bell for the last lap.  Our default intensity is jogging. It seems to me that Paul ran the race in a sprint; only easing up when instructed to do so.

Speaking of the bell for the last lap: How many of us have already heard the bell, only to dismiss it as coming from our TV or cell phone? Seriously, we are very distracted people. We would certainly be better racers if we removed a few distractions from our lives.

Finally, I wonder how many times Paul thought he just couldn’t sprint another second, only to find strength in his weakness. For what it’s worth, that is where I want to be; and God seems to be giving me the opportunity for it. I trust that He is working in me to will and do to His good pleasure.

Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your justice as the noonday.
Psalms 37:5-6

Humbly yours and forever His,

Multi-ethnic pile of handsLeaders in the Workplace have been empowered with many different tools and methods to eternally impact the lives of those in their spheres of influence. God knows our frame and He knows the environment that He created for our work. He has raised us up into positions of authority, with a plan to glorify His name, establish His kingdom, and push back the darkness in people’s lives. His plans include the expression of His love through authority and discipline in the Workplace.

When a business owner or executive puts internet monitoring and controls in place, and uses them to lovingly manage his employees, healing and salvation are the result. Consider these examples:

  1. Employees become more productive; thus increasing their value to the company and their earning potential. Earning more, they are better able to support their families, fellowships, and others in need.
  2. Discovery of the impact of distractions in the workplace enables employees to see the danger of distractions in their family and spiritual life. They are encouraged to focus on the value of time and energy spent with family and God.
  3. Though painful, the discovery of addictions to pornography, gambling begin a process whereby the employee can be set free from the destructiveness of sin. Their eyes are opened to the subtle and sinister deception of the Enemy in other areas of their life.

Studies have shown that the investment associated with internet monitoring is easily justified by increased productivity. Much more, it is an investment of the “talents” given to us by the Master; an investment that will further His kingdom and bring Him pleasure (Matthew 25:14-30).


  1. Research, select and install the internet monitoring and control service that is right for your company.
  2. Develop internet usage policies and procedures for your company.
  3. Execute a monitoring program to expose the most egregious violations.
  4. Be prepared to leverage the outcome of this program for the glory and kingdom of God.

Humbly yours and forever His,


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