Bible with Cross ShadowAnd so it was, when Jesus had ended these sayings, that the people were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Matthew 7:28-29

Jesus taught as one having authority. This may be THE key to our hearing and doing the sayings of Jesus. Here’s a good question for every follower of Jesus to ask themselves, “Have I been astonished at the authority of Jesus in His teaching?”

Before you answer that question, consider the meaning of astonished (ekplēssō): To strike out, expel by a blow, drive out or away; to cast off by a blow, to drive out; commonly, to strike one out of self-possession, to strike with panic, shock, astonish; to be struck with amazement, astonished, amazed.

See what I mean? The sayings of Jesus should have a violent impact on our understanding and response to His authority. He is the King of heaven and earth; the Commander of all of heaven’s army. He is for us, but let’s not be deceived: He is against all who will not accept His reign.

Like His Father, Jesus is good and severe. This is the double-edged sword of His authority. Consider His sayings with this in mind and heart.

The Sayings of Chapter Seven

  1. Judge Not
  2. Get the Plank Out
  3. Be Discerning and Selective in Sharing the Truth
  4. Ask, Seek, Knock
  5. Trust God for More
  6. Take the Initiative for Good
  7. Enter by the Narrow Gate
  8. Beware of False Prophets
  9. Bear Good Fruit
  10. Do the Will of My Father in Heaven
  11. Do Them

NOTE: For your convenience, here are links for the summaries of Chapters Five and Six.

In closing, it is important to recognize that this matter of authority was the beginning, core and final proclamation of Jesus’ ministry. He began by preaching the gospel of the kingdom (Mark 1:14-15). His final command, the Great Commission, is founded on, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” (Matthew 28:18).

Furthermore, the word authority appears thirty-four times in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the word kingdom, 122 times. We should not be surprised; for we call Him, Lord. We should just be astonished.

God bless us all with the grace to find that astonished place.

Humbly yours and forever His,