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God showed Himself faithful and in charge, in 2016. Of course, this has always been the case; He was just more obvious about this past year.

  1. God handed the Spanish version of The Map Maker over to the Betania Baptist Church for publishing and distribution in Ecuador.
  2. God sent me to Ecuador to encourage and train Pastors and Workplace Leaders in Workplace Ministry; and surprisingly assigned me to serve as Dr. James Long’s dental assistant while I was there.
  3. God used Adam Simpson (and his team) to create a Farsi audio production of The Map Maker parable, Somebody’s Adventure – to encourage and edify Workplace Leaders in the Middle East.
  4. God sent me to Jordan to serve Syrian refugees, with the most dynamically loving church I have ever experienced. Please call me if you would like to hear more.
  5. God assigned another book project – The Lost Foundations. This has included online teaching and video recording of the lessons – something new for inLight.

I am confident that God is using each of these assignments to advance His kingdom in ways beyond our imagination. He is also using this ministry to shape the lives of Workplace Leaders literally across the globe, through our connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Locally, leaders in whom we are investing are making disciples that are making disciples – the most exciting thing to me.

Please be in prayer for the items above; that they would continue to bear fruit for our Father’s kingdom.

I hope to return to Ecuador and the Middle East in 2017, finish The Lost Foundations project, and become more active encouraging, edifying and equipping Workplace Leaders through social media. We will, of course, continue to focus on our local mission field – discipling those that God has placed in positions of authority for His kingdom.

Please pray for God to fill us with wisdom and spiritual understanding, that we might please and glorify Him in every good work. Read the rest of this entry »



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