I was not surprised the day I became a part of my company’s reduction in force. The Lord had prepared me. I was expecting it. The surprise came when I finally realized that God wasn’t moving me on to something I thought was better. Among other things, I learned that His purpose for my life was not so much about me.

The nation of Israel was not surprised that the Messiah had come. They had been anticipating His arrival for hundreds of years. Their surprise was in the fact that it was not so much about them. God had a bigger plan.

One of the tragedies of a self-centered story is the loss of perspective. It is scary to think what I would have lost if God had settled for my plan; and it is sobering to recognize that I did not have a clue how much less I was fighting for Him to give me.

Much of the Western Church is in much the same danger; and we don’t have much more of a clue.

Suppose you had an employee that thought, believed and lived like your business was solely for his purposes, what would you do? Isn’t he right to think your business is for him? After all, you hired him, you are paying him a salary, and you are providing him with benefits. It’s about him; right?

Of course it’s not! Every wise business owner would fire such an employee (short of that employee having a significant attitude adjustment).

What if your employees thought you and your company should be subject to the interests of the community; that you should give your products away, regardless of the affect it has on your bottom line? Well, that would be socialism; and a strong sign that something has gone drastically wrong!!

Last set of questions: Does a good and wise business owner (or king) allow the story of his business (or kingdom) to be primarily about any other individual or group? Is it wrong for him to insist that the kingdom be centered on him and his purposes?

It’s not that we are lacking for clues. Jesus spoke often of the dangers: the rich young ruler, the prodigal son and the wicked, lazy servant, to name just a few. All were looking at the story from a self-centered perspective.

It is ironic that the most obvious thing can be the very thing we get wrong. So, let me ask you: Who is the Bible really about? Who is the writer, the producer and the director? Who is the main character?

Of course, you will say, the story is about God. It is about what He wants and what He is doing. I cannot imagine any Christian would disagree. Certainly, no one would say, “The story is about me.” Right?

But is that not the way we live our lives, here in the Western Church?

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