The discovery that God is a process-oriented problem solver can be an empowering revelation. To know God is up to something – in both His story and in the seasons of our lives – gives us hope and understanding. It is not a small thing to stop looking at the work of God in terms of events that are haphazardly strung together.

God is a very careful and deliberate orchestrator!!

This discovery is particularly helpful for those in transition. It stretches our perspective, helping us to see the connection of what He has done, and what He will do, to what He is doing right now. It gives value to every moment; and helps us to follow along.

Because we are “in process”, examining the past and the future often sheds light on the purpose God has for our next season.

Let me stop here and remind everyone that every bit of examination, consideration, exploration, etc. is to be done in conversation with God. If we are not positioned to hear what He has to say, we will undoubtedly miss something – potentially something very important.

It is good to know that the Father loves talking to His children.

Now, with that reminder, let’s look at the way God brings the past into our conversation about the His call to more.

Examining the Past

For those that have been walking with God (and even for some that have not), the trajectory of our past is often a good indicator of His purpose for the next season. Being the careful and deliberate orchestrator that He is, God has been preparing you (and others) for the good work that you are to walk in.

God is not only a careful orchestrator; He is a wise investor. He has invested into our lives: natural talents, developed skills, relationships, tragedies, victories, dreams and visions, etc. He may leverage any or all of them for His purpose in the next season. They are conversation points in our times of intimacy with the Father.

A word of warning: Don’t substitute presumption for conversation. Don’t analyze God’s investment in you as data points in some complicated equation. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

When God moved me out of a 25-year career in Information Technology, I made the mistake of assuming the move was to another corporation. After all, why would He waste so much position, influence and experience?

It took me ten months of wrestling with God to discover that some of that (e.g., position and corporate comfortability) wasn’t important to Him. Some things had to go.

My presumptions not only delayed the process, it set me up for additional misunderstanding. For example, when I finally realized that my corporate career was over, I assumed the talents and skills were no longer of value.

The good news is, I eventually discovered that God has consecrated and used much of His past investment in me. I just wish I had avoided the unnecessary wrestling, delay and confusion. If I had only been more prayerful, and less presumptuous.

So, if you really want to learn from the trajectory of your past, set aside a day or two to focus on God’s investment in you. Be intentional. Write down what you know, who you know, dreams and visions you have had, and anything else God brings to your mind.

Humbly hold these up for examination. Listen for His direction and encouragement about each one. Be willing to let go and/or pick back up.

It is exciting to me to consider the conversation you will have – with the One that holds your future in His hands. Let me know how I can help.

Humbly yours and forever His,


P.S. In our next article, we will examine how an understanding of our future can help in navigating God’s call to more.